The Most Wonderful Words Ever Spoken

I doubt there is anyone here that has not heard this verse time and again. In fact, our very familiarity with it has numbed many of us to the wonder and significance of John 3:16. But I pray this morning that GOD will renew our awe and appreciation of the truth contained...

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The Last Invitation

The sobering reality in life is that every man, woman, boy, and girl will eventually receive their last invitation from GOD. The frightening thing is that no one knows when they are being given their last altar. That’s why it is so important to respond to GOD today. None of us...

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Who Cares Title Slide

Who Cares?

Its been said that there is one thing that makes both Christians and unbelievers uptight – its evangelism. Christians get uptight about sharing their faith and unbelievers get uptight when someone shares their faith with them. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ has given His followers the command to take the Gospel to all the world....

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