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Who Cares?

Its been said that there is one thing that makes both Christians and unbelievers uptight – its evangelism. Christians get uptight about sharing their faith and unbelievers get uptight when someone shares their faith with them. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ has given His followers the command to take the Gospel to all the world....

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Serving Successfully

Last week in chapter 1 we learned what a contagious faith looks like and how it impacts the people it comes in contact with. And once you’re saved GOD wants you to put your faith to work by serving Him. In the first 12 verses of chapter 2, Paul defended his...

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For He Reigns

There are two truths concerning GOD that you desperately need to understand in order to face life by faith as you should. Those two truths are the “goodness of GOD” & the “sovereignty of GOD.” Last week we discussed the Goodness of GOD. This week we are going to consider the...

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